Senior Consultant Lean Management & Six Sigma
Brief info

Lorenzo received his education in Italy, earning a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Industrial and Business Engineering (Ingengneria Gestionale) in 2004. During this period, he travelled in US, France and Canada, through scholarships and international study programs. As a student, he grew a passion for computer networks and Internet protocols while working for several years in the IT infrastructures of his university. After completing his postgraduate studies in Engineering, he worked in Italy for a few years for some large multinational organizations (General Electric Oil & Gas, Danieli & C.).

In 2008, he moved back to Windsor, Canada, for his second master’s degree in Manufacturing Management, graduating as a top student in his program. Afterwards, he moved to Sri Lanka to follow his wife, and they settled down in Colombo, where he worked as a consultant for Brandix, MAS Holdings, Hayleys, and other Sri Lankan organizations.

Throughout his studies and career, Lorenzo has learnt and applied Lean Management, Six Sigma, and Total Production Maintenance philosophies, which have become his main focus in his professional life. In 2013 he earned a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI), and in 2016 he established Blue Sun Consulting, a management consulting company that specializes in Business Excellence, Lean Transformation, and data-driven methodologies applied in both service and manufacturing industries.

Lorenzo is a skilled trainer able to deliver comprehensive certification programs in Lean Management and Six Sigma up to Black Belt level. He is currently engaged in several large projects in the garment industry, and he continues to deliver lectures and training classes to educational institutions and private businesses.